How socializing can be done more efficiently:

How socializing can be done more efficiently:

How socializing can be done more efficiently:

If we go back into the history about two decades ago, we find ourselves nowhere near to all the latest gadgets and trends that we commonly use today. At that time, even having a cordless phone was considered as a blessing. Slowly and gradually time passed by and innovation took place through the efforts of many hard working individuals to whom we are still indebted to.

Once innovation came into our life, we found a lot of means of technological advancements that made our lives a whole lot easier. For example, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. all came into existence that helped us improve our daily routine one way or the other. For example, Facebook helps us in communicating withfriends, families, and more or even dealing directly with end consumers. All sorts of communications are now possible for humankind to carry out on this medium. Similarly, if you are photographer, Instagram might be your sole medium to highlight or showcase your talent. However, if you are into celebrity gossips, twitter would help you find all that you need within seconds. From statements to scandals, all can redirected through the use of social media.

But the above mentioned names are just a few names of socializing platforms as in reality, there are around 50-60 mediums to select from. However, the masses of this generation aren’t really aware of this fact as they are only indulged in using socializing platforms of which they have heard of or are truly famous. Hence, it would be a great idea for you to try the other working socializing apps as well which might be even better in terms of user-experience that the most commonly used mediums.

Social media vault

For this reason, we went out to find ways as to how can a user be able to use multiple apps all at a single time. Luckily we were able to find our path towards an app known as social media vault. Now the name only sounds as this app deals with security and stuff but what it fails to highlight is the fact that it lets you use 50+ socializing apps all at a single time. The list it includes is as follows:

Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Reddit, Tumblr, Gmail, Outlook mail, Aol mail, Vkontakte (VK), 9Gag, Buzz feed, imgur, Life hacker, Myspace, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Digg, Path, Dailymotion, Netflix, Xanga, Stumbleupon, Classmates, CyWorld, Badoo, Fotolo, BlackPlanet, GaiaOnline, Flixster, Skyrock, DevainAr, Habbo, Google and more.

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Another notable feature about social media vault is that you are no longer bound to download these apps separately or collectively on your device. Once you have installed this app, you would automatically be able to access and use all the above mentioned mediums through the recently installed app’s interface.

How socializing can be done more efficiently:


Hence, this app so far seems to be a complete solution where you can use as many mediums as you want while not saving or downloading those apps at all. Not only you save on time but also you save on the storage space which could be used for other useful stuff.